I Am Kat.illest

A Kat.illogue of thoughts connected.

Defining The Kat.illest

kat.illest definition


Resolve Soulution This Revolution

This year, figure out what it is that your really doing here. What are you putting your energy into? What should you focus your lens on to accomplish that?

This resolution is about tending to my attention. I will act on inspiration, and follow up with examination. I will be ridiculously productive and produce records in revolution. I aspire to inspire others to construct conductive calculations, and concentrate on consciousness, by creating conversions in conversation.

I will find soulutions and solute your Soulstice! 

On Doing What’s Suggested to You

I think what we’re really trying to do here is make a statement about the society we live in.

We’re talking about the suggested idolization of figures who exemplify immoral and self degrading actions; of negative, self loathing feelings and angry, tempered, or malicious acts or reactions; of products or “package” deals, and worthless items which are sold to the public at an unbalanced profit margin; of questionable lifestyles and decision making; of inadequate role models and so on.  We’re highlighting these standards that are pushed onto you via popular television, music, news, and internet & media marketing for the sole purpose of dumbing down a people…controlling the future of our degrading culture.

We’re talking about YOU, the general public, doing what’s suggested to you rather than what’s best for you.  I think that’s an important conversation.  If we don’t address real issues, we can’t solve real problems, and that’s just the bottom line.