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Welcome to the Year of 20/20 Vision

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Disposable Nation

*Exam-A-Nation in Progress*

What exactly is a “disposable nation”?

At some point in time, Americans saw the onslaught of disposable products and goods, which would make their life (A) easier and less time consuming, by removing the process of cleaning an item for re-use; and/or (B) more sanitary, by eliminating contact with debris or germs when cleaning the item for re-use. This, for the most part, is a lie – constructed to further the profit margins of the corporate capitalists whom control world markets. Do I believe that all disposable items are problematic? No. I am totally for the use of disposable baby diapers, feminine hygiene products, etc. But there comes a point where we, the consumers, must take note of the items we are disposing that serve absolutely no purpose, or are less effective than their reusable counterpart.

Let’s, as my most obvious example, take a look at the lint roller conundrum. We all use them, and we all have experienced those moments when we’ve rolled, removed a sheet, rolled, removed a sheet, rolled, removed a sheet…it goes on for a while…and we’re still completely covered in lint, cat hair, human hair, etc. But, if you’ve ever used a lint brush (Yes, A REAL LINT BRUSH. You know, the one with the red fabric that goes in opposite directions on either side of the tool – versatile for lefties or righties, or opposing the direction of use), then you already know how much more effective this simple device is than the new-fangled (yeah, I said it) lint roller. Now, when was the last time you tried to purchase a lint brush? Try finding one in a store today…go ahead, I’m sure you’ll find it is not as easy a task as it would seem. I know that I could probably find one online, but that’s besides the point.

The real point is that there’s a whole slew of products like the lint brush which have been replaced by modern, disposable, and ineffective versions for the sole purpose of generating more money.

Now, instead of buying a lint brush once ever, or taking the one that was in your house from childhood and spending $0, we repeatedly spend a few dollars over and over and over again on a product that doesn’t do it’s job very well, and can be a nuisance to unroll if we buy the cheapest version of it (you know the ones that stick to each other and you end up throwing away like 6 pages that you never used just to get the roll back in order).

Just to list a few other items which can be noted for being rather ineffective and requiring constant refills or replacement parts; I’ll point to the the Swiffer Wet Jet (that helps you push dirt around), or the Swiffer duster (that’s supposed to “attract” dust to it – Right).  That toilet brush which you just pop off the dirty end and throw it away when you’re done. And how about those low quality food storage bins (which crack and break their seal shortly after purchase), by Glad or similar brands.

How about things that aren’t made to last, because the technology changes so quickly? The theory is that you’ll more than likely want to upgrade before a well made machine would break down, so why build it with quality materials anyway? Realistically, all of us could make a concentrated effort to use less paper towels, and more washable rags (myself included), among a variety of other minor changes in our habitual rituals, which would impact our pockets, planet, and personal health in a major way.

Ultimately, however, to address the bigger problem, we must first collectively address our addiction to buying “stuff” to satisfy some sort of illusion of need created by captain capitalism.

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It’s Like They Never Even Used It | Forgot Password?

It’s possibly my biggest gripe with online accounts, and the simple thing that can make the whole process that much less frustrating seems soooooo obvious, that I am forced to believe that those who set up this system, have never even used their own creation.  Either that, or they just want to waste my time and frustrate me – to decisively distract me from all of the real things I have to get done.  Hard to say exactly.

It all begins with that moment you’re logging into an account that you rarely use, or somehow were logged out of, and cannot remember what password you used.  Of course, you start with one of your (probably three) password variations.  Then there’s that annoying message:

“The username or password entered is incorrect”.

“OR?” First off, what gives them the right to say ‘or’ here anyway?  If the username is correct, it should be on file, and they should be able to let me know that just the password is incorrect (*I’ll save my rant about when the box says “username” and they really want your email address for another day).  So, you continue to put in another variation of your password.  Again with the message:

“The username or password entered is incorrect”

…Okay, third attempt, and the message:

“Login attempt failed.  The username or password entered is incorrect.  For your protection, account has been locked.  If you do not remember your password, please press the ‘forgot password’ button.”


Now here’s where it gets fun, right?  So, you press the all powerful ‘forgot password’ button, and are prompted to enter the email address used.  You receive the email with the temporary password assigned.  You log on to the site again, through the link provided, you enter the temp password, and kaboom, you’re FINALLY in your account.  Now, you’re asked to create a new personal password.  So, you start with your original password variation.  Then, that side note message…you know, the one with the PASSWORD RULES:

“Your password must be 8-12 digits long, include at lease 1 capital letter, 2 numeric digits, and one symbol (limited to !$&%*).  Please do not use 3 repeating digits in a row…etc…etc.”



Meh.  Now, you try another variation of your ideal password, based on their rules, and then you get this message:

“You have already used this password, please choose a new password to access your account.  Duplicate passwords are not allowed.”

WHAT?!?!?!?!?!!? !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If, on my VERY FIRST FAILED ATTEMPT to login, they had provided their password rules, I could have avoided 15-30 minutes of runaround, and not be forced to create a brand new password variation that I will fail to remember the next time I try to log on.

I mean, it’s like they never even used it!


Defining The Kat.illest

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Resolve Soulution This Revolution

This year, figure out what it is that your really doing here. What are you putting your energy into? What should you focus your lens on to accomplish that?

This resolution is about tending to my attention. I will act on inspiration, and follow up with examination. I will be ridiculously productive and produce records in revolution. I aspire to inspire others to calculate constructively, and concentrate on consciousness, by creating conversions in conversation.

I will find soulutions and solute your Soulstice! 

On Doing What’s Suggested to You

I think what we’re really trying to do here is make a statement about the society we live in.

We’re talking about the suggested idolization of figures who exemplify immoral and self degrading actions; of negative, self loathing feelings and angry, tempered, or malicious acts or reactions; of products or “package” deals, and worthless items which are sold to the public at an unbalanced profit margin; of questionable lifestyles and decision making; of inadequate role models and so on.  We’re highlighting these standards that are pushed onto you via popular television, music, news, and internet & media marketing for the sole purpose of dumbing down a people…controlling the future of our degrading culture.

We’re talking about YOU, the general public, doing what’s suggested to you rather than what’s best for you.  I think that’s an important conversation.  If we don’t address real issues, we can’t solve real problems, and that’s just the bottom line.