I am The Kat.illest (the illest Kat.illest). I am an agent of speedy change. I am a journalist. I tune everyone in. I am aggressively informative. I know that sometimes the vibe will correct us. I love most people. I live in the neutral zone. No drama ALOUD! I am an insightful soul. I am ridiculously productive. I show my logic. I get it. I am the too influential crew. I highlight elevated information for the next generation. If you don’t know the rules of engagement, you can’t engage with society. I believe in constructive criticism and intentional dialogue. I understand that media attracts movement, and I believe there is only so much you can capture through an artificial lens. I know that music and art can spread the word. I think you should believe others when they show you who they are. If you know what to expect from someone, they can never let you down. My energy is powerful. I alter the general point of view. I see a better future. I am a role model. I accelerate the moment. I travel everywhere. I am interested in everything. I inspire everyone. I love myself, everyday. I bring you The I Love Today Show, everyday. I encourage you to tune in, and put your thinking caps on, everyday as well. Knowledge is power; gain as much as you can, spread as much as you know.

*A note to the conscious collective*

Welcome to the lounge that time forgot…welcome home. Magic attracts magic. I solute your Soulstice. Now, listen hear!

For all who’s words and verses have inspired or contributed to the collaborative consciousness of creativity noted in this and any past or future Kat.illogues… I thank you for actively taking part in this enlightening community.  Please note that all verses may not be cited.  As our thoughts interact and connect, it becomes problematic to the common denominator to disconnect.

Thanks! I Love you all!


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