On Doing What’s Suggested to You

I think what we’re really trying to do here is make a statement about the society we live in.

We’re talking about the suggested idolization of figures who exemplify immoral and self degrading actions; of negative, self loathing feelings and angry, tempered, or malicious acts or reactions; of products or “package” deals, and worthless items which are sold to the public at an unbalanced profit margin; of questionable lifestyles and decision making; of inadequate role models and so on.  We’re highlighting these standards that are pushed onto you via popular television, music, news, and internet & media marketing for the sole purpose of dumbing down a people…controlling the future of our degrading culture.

We’re talking about YOU, the general public, doing what’s suggested to you rather than what’s best for you.  I think that’s an important conversation.  If we don’t address real issues, we can’t solve real problems, and that’s just the bottom line.